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Evan Marien: “Between Worlds”

(Art of Life AL1039-2)

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Evan Marien: "Between Worlds"

Evan Marien:
electric bass, keyboards & programming on track 6

Jovol Bell:
drums on tracks 2 & 7

Andy Berman:
guitar on tracks 1, 4, 5 & 8

David Fiuczynski:
fretted and fretless guitars on tracks 2 & 7

Thomas Hartman:
drums on track 10

Evgeny Lebedev:
keyboards on tracks 2, 5, 7 & 8

Randy Runyon:
guitar on track 10

Jeffrey Villanueva:
drums on tracks 1, 4, 5 & 8

Jeremy Vovcsko:
alto saxophone on tracks 1, 4, 5 & 8

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Primal Virtue
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Eternals and Apathetics
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Lao's Tao
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Crossing Streets
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Between Worlds
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About the Music {top}

Art of Life Records is pleased to present bassist and composer Evan Marien's recording debut for Art of Life Records. Joining Evan on "Between Worlds" are Jovol Bell on drums, Andy Berman on guitar, David Fiuczynski on fretted and fretless guitars, Thomas Hartman on drums, Evgeny Lebedev on keyboards, Randy Runyon on guitar, Jeffrey Villanueva on drums and Jeremy Vovcsko on alto saxophone. All songs were composed by Evan. "Between Worlds" was recorded by Eric Kilburn and Matt Hayes at Wellspring Studios in Acton, Massachusetts and mixed at MixOne Studios in Boston, Massachusetts by Ted Paduck. 24-bit digital mastering by Paul G. Kohler at Art of Life Studios in Ridgeland, South Carolina in October 2009.

Evan was recently voted one of 2009's "Most Exciting New Players" in the July 2009 issue of Bass Player Magazine by their Readers' Choice Awards. Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 2009 with high honors, Evan has worked with some of the world's greatest musicians. He has made music with David Fiuczynski, Jack DeJohnette, Kenwood Dennard, Greg Howe, Tyshawn Sorey, Matthew Garrison, Etienne Mbappe, Greg Osby, Joe Lovano, John Blackwell, Joseph Wooten, Fred Wesley (James Brown), Rob Hecht (Elizabeth and the Catapult), Jeff Taylor, Nick Groesch (The Polyphonic Spree), Jetro Da Silva (Whitney Houston), George Garzone, Eugene Maslov, Lin Biviano, Deantoni Parks and Wayne Krantz. Evan has toured all over the US and in Europe. He has performed at the Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival 2008 (Aruba), Charlie Wrights (London), Knitting Factory (US), Mannheim US Army Base (Germany) and many more.

Selected Quotations {top}

I feel like this is something I would put on and play all the way through ... again and again. No negatives here... The title track was the most emotional to me and I felt it should end the album but then the last track, "Friend", showed he had more in the tank. I honestly appreciated the last song being added to an already complete album because it was so engaging instrumentally. All this is from a single pass and I'm going to have to listen a bunch more before I can say I get it all because there were some seriously complex voices and such that call for more attention. So, even though I'm no reviewer I can still find ways to say 'I like it'. I hope it does well in many age demographics because it touched me and I feel like if it can do that with an old geezer like myself then there's probably a whole range of people between 20 and 50 years old that would be interested in this album if they gave it a chance and listened to it. Good luck Evan!
Wind O'Neal - Maryland

Man, I am mightily impressed with Evan's debut album here. If you haven't heard of him yet, he is a recent grad of Berklee College of Music and the current bassist of choice with David Fiuczynski (and many others in the Boston area). Fiuczynski also guests on the album.

Although obviously influenced by Matt Garrison, Evan already has command over his own vocabulary on the instrument and in addition to playing some truly wonderful solos (that should be well beyond his years. How one learns to play like that at such a young age.. Man, I need to shed more) he has also written some very interesting and MUSICAL compositions for this album.

I truly think that every electric bassist (at the very least) should check this out.. The playing is straight killing, Evan's tone is wonderful, the band is smoking but, most importantly, it's interesting to listen to and very musical. This does not sound like your average, "I graduated, now I need a demo" quicky album. It is well conceived, beautifully executed, full of great musical moments and will live on my iPod for some time to come!
Damian Erskine - Bass Musician Magazine

"...highly original harmonic approach to emerging bass who backs up his stunning bass work with music of depth and subtlety".
Mike Flynn - Bass Guitar Magazine

"...there's a new bass monster in town...armed with ridiculously fluid fingerstyle chops and a strong sense of groove...."
Bryan Beller - Bass Player Magazine

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