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Ari Erev: “About Time”

Ari Erev: "About Time"

Ari Erev: piano
Yorai Oron: double bass
Gideon Pasahov: drums

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About the Music

Recorded on September 6th and 7th 2007 at Bardo Studios in Ramat Gan, Israel
Recording and Mixing Engineer: Bill Tsur
Digital Mastering: Erez Caspi
Produced by Ari Erev

Liner Notes

For me, this album is About Time. It is about the relationship between time and memory how the passing of time facilitates the gathering and shaping of our memories, and then makes them fade and sometimes disappear. It is about the different perceptions that people have about time and the way these perceptions affect their lives. It is about the time we lose the time we gain and the choices we make on how to spend our time. It is about the time it takes until one trusts oneself enough to publicly release music, and about how improvisation - the musical expression of the moment - is captured, to last over time. And, it is about the time I spent on making this album. - Ari Erev

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