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Gordon Beck: “Reflections”

(Art of Life AL1005-2)

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Gordon Beck: "Reflections"

Gordon Beck: solo piano

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Night And Day
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Come Rain Or Come Shine
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

I Love You
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Re: Person I Knew
(Listen with Real Audio: lo-fi)

Almost There
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California Here I Come / Some Other Time
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White Line *

* Bonus Track

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About the Music {top}

Recorded live in the Guildhall at the Bath International Music Festival in Bath, England on the 24th of May, 1997.

Gordon pays tribute to Jazz pianist and composer Bill Evans on this superbly recorded, 67 minute, live solo piano concert recording. Gordon performs two compositions by Cole Porter entitled, "Night And Day" and "I Love You" as well as the Bill Evans composition, "Re: Person I Knew". Other songs performed by Gordon include "Come Rain Or Come Shine" by Mercer & Arlen as well as "California Here I Come" by Jolson, DeSylva and Meyer and "Some Other Time" by Comden, Green, and Bernstein. There is also one Gordon Beck original, "Almost There", and a bonus track of Gordon playing his own arrangement of the song "White Line" written by his long-time friend, musician/guitarist Allan Holdsworth.

Selected Quotations {top}

For this solo performance recorded by the BBC at the 1997 Bath International Music Festival, Gordon Beck rattled off some classic standards in his crisp, clean and soulful style that sits somewhere between Monk and Peterson, with a cursory sprinkling of Jarrett. Two Cole Porter songs, another from his primary influence Bill Evans, the self-penned "Almost There" and a bonus piece by Allan Holdsworth ("White Line") contribute towards the 68 minutes from 7 tracks on this attractively packaged and, most importantly for solo piano, perfectly mastered album of beguiling personal ragtime / bebop / ballad-leaning interpretations. Another excellent release from Art of Life Records.
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