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Barry Wedgle & Norman King: “Samui Surprise”

Barry Wedgle & Norman King: "Samui Surprise"

Barry Wedgle: guitar
Norman King: tenor saxophone

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About the Music

Produced by Barry Wedgle and David L. Donald.
Recorded and Mixed by David L. Donald at Samui Sight and Sound, Koh Samui Island, Thailand July & August 2007.

Liner Notes

Some People talk about jazz, and others just let it in their heads and enjoy it. Some people analyze jazz to a fair thee well, while others simply groove on it. Others still just let it wash through their souls, a back ground for their lives and loves.Some see jazz as a locked-up, one style only art form, and no one dare to do it differently. Well for some jazz is free and open expression of musical ideas played over some classic songs or their compositions. A search for new directions in a personal quest for improvement as musicians. Creating a greater joy in playing music. Sometimes mellow, sometimes very 'out' side the normal paths of melodic expression. Jazz: many sounds for many people. Barry and Norman blithely, lightly traverse these arbitrary labels and stylistic provocations, and just play for the love of it. Most jazz guitar is done on steel string electric. Barry ignores that convention to add his flamenco and classical styles on nylon strings to the mix. Adding finger-picked polyphony to advanced harmonic invention. Norman can be sweet and soulful or driving and intense, whilst Barry is laying a rhythmic and harmonic chaise for him to repose peacefully, or bounce manically upon. But persistently rests a kinesthesia of soulful connection with the songs. The desire to transport listeners, unfolded within the songs meaning and nuances. They play, write and chose music that reach to a deeper level, not just superficial background for musical gamesmanship. Come enjoy them on their rhythmic voyage of musical discovery. - D. L. Donald

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